Armstrong Redwoods SNR in 3D

Armstrong Redwoods SNR - "cross-eyed" 3D view

Armstrong Redwoods SNR – “cross-eyed” 3D view

Another "cross-eye" 3D view.

Another “cross-eye” 3D view.

The Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve¬†was one of my favorite places we visited on our Honeymoon a couple weeks ago. Best factors were that we were there mid-week, after school had begun for the year. And it’s not a half-hour from San Francisco by tour bus (like Muir Woods). So it was not a Touristy-busy place, and wasn’t chock full of noisy kids, either. We could enjoy some peace and serenity, surrounded by truly majestic ancient trees.


Rustic Spaghetti Sauce


Neighbor left town for a while. Long enough to know that everything near to ripe in the garden would be no good by the time they got back. So they told us to help ourselves to anything from the garden. Uh, wow. I did not pick everything that's ripe. I stopped when I thought the handles would tear off the bag.

I think tomorrow I'll smoker-roast these, add some EVOO & garlic, some basil, a few secret spices I won't let on… and see just what sort of an abomination of a marinara results from it. Why not experiment? That's a huge pile of free, vine-ripe fruit right there.

Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage, Jennie-O Hot Italian Sausage, browned. Tomatoes & Garlic smoker roasted, then mashed. One red onion also roasted, then chopped.

Chopped fresh Basil.


A bit rustic just yet, some salt and hot red chili pepper flakes are bringing it around.

Removed the bigger pieces of tomato skin, smoothed out the rest with an immersion blender.

Came out pretty nicely, for an amateur attempt.