Wabasha Fall Bike Trip

…or at least, that was the idea. Before we headed out, I did a better than usual safety inspection. Tire pressure, oil level (added a pint), lights, cables, and beeped the air-horns. That last bit is key; I have had the horns fail in a couple ways before. The air hose has popped off the “Y” connector before, and the relay has failed to pass current (it had gotten wet and corroded). All good. Not 20 minutes later, a half block from home, I tried to give a neighbor out walking her dogs a friendly beep, and the relay stuck ON. Had to pull off the side cover and yank the connectors from the air pump… and so we had to park the bike and take the car instead.

That turned out to be just fine. Easier for each of us to point out things along the way, such as overlooks, hysterical markers (we stopped and read almost every one we saw), and possible places to eat or take pictures. We would likely have stopped fairly often on the bike too, but it is always a bit more time consuming with taking helmets off, pulling out ear plugs, then re-gearing up again to head back down the road. And we drove up at least one steep, narrow gravel campground road that I wouldn't have attempted with Patty on the back. So I think we got more nice photos in more places by 4WD than likely on 2 wheels.